Here's a sampling from the many Rochester baseball- baseball related
radio features I did throughout my radio career at WXXI and WHAM  

JOE ALTOBELLI Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1989
Preparing to start his bench coach job with the Chicago Cubs, Alto talks about getting along with
George Steinbrenner, getting fired by the Orioles and Giants, and staying young with the game.
(4:22 time, airdate: April 1992)

DON BAYLOR Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1990
Baylor talks about serving as a player representative, the need for blacks to assume prominent baseball
positions, recalling the Wings' 1971 championship season and baseball affecting family life.
(3:06 time, airdate: August 1987)

The author of a no-hitter for the Rochester Red Wings talks about throwing the knuckleball, his
baseball travels through the minors, appreciating the baseball life, and being related to
frontiersman Daniel Boone...with Wings Pitching Coach DICK BOSMAN. (3:44 time, airdate: August 1990)

The Red Wings organist has been playing for the team for more than 20 years.
He talks about his duties as the team's Musical Director, firing up the crowd and his love for the game.
(3:50 time, airdate: May 1996)

JOE CULLINANE Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1995
The longtime Red Wings play-by-play broadcaster talks about recreating ballgames and the Wings super 1971 season-
when the club rallied to take the pennant, the Governor's Cup and Junior World Series.
(3:25 time, airdate: August 1996)

RUSS DERRY Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1989
The Red Wings all-time home run king for a season and in a career talks about his batting style, Rochester
memories, his big batting thrill with the New York Yankees and playing for legendary manager Connie Mack.
(4:41 time, airdate: April 1993)

The outstanding picther and batter during Rochester's 1918 team made just one, albeit painful,
appearance in the big leagues. Decades later, baseball historians are finally getting his statistics correct.
(2:46 time, airdate: July 2004)

One of the game's all-time greats reviews his brief Rochester time, climbing through the farm system years ago,
the secret to hitting, his amazing statistics, his opinion of free agency and refusing to leave the Cardinals.
(3:44 time, airdate: April 1987)

BOOG POWELL Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1993
Boog talks about overcoming adversity while playing in Rochester, enjoying Red Wing Stadium's short right
field porch, the O's World Series upset of Los Angeles in 1966, the disappoinitng Series loss to the Mets
and wondering if he left the game too soon. (3:37 time, airdate: April 1989)

CAL RIPKEN, JR. Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 2003
As the Baltimore Orioles visit Rochester in 1989 for an exhibition game, Ripken is on the disabled list-
for the first time. He talks about appreciating his minor league years, considering sitting during his
record games-played streak, the importance/meaning of statistics, and the chances of a retirement/goodbye tour.
(3:50 time, airdate: August 1989)

DICK SIERENS Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1991
Dick talks about his duties and long days at the ball park as a groundskeeper, doctoring the field
for Wings' managers, unexpected problems in tending the ball grounds and his loyalty
to Norton Street. (3:20 time, air date: April 1990)

JAY STALKER Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1992
The lifelong baseball fan and longtime director of the Red Wings Knot Hole Club talks about the popularity
of the club, Jackie Robinson's appearance at Red Wing Stadium and baseball's place in Rochester.
(3:43 time, airdate: April 1989)

"SPECS" TOPORCER Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1989
Amongst the all-time leaders for many Red Wings offensive categories, Specs remembers his Rochester days, the
city's prominance during the 1930s, dealing with his blindness and staying in touch with the game.
(3:52 time, airdate: April 1986)

HARRY WALKER Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1989
One of the game's great hitters skippered Rochester to a pennant and Governor's Cup crown in the 1950s.
He remembers his Rochester time, his winning RBI in the 1946 World Series for St. Louis, tutoring
Roberto Clemente and the secret to hitting. (4:39 time, airdate: April 1994)

EARL WEAVER Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 1995
Earl discusses his role as a manager, judging talent, his success with Rochester, getting ejected
from ballgames, and his comeback as Baltimore manager. (4:12 time, airdate: April 1992)

GUNNAR WIIG Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame 2001
A segment of Wiig recreating a 1928 Rochester road game versus the Montreal Royals. A Western Union
telegrapher at the ballpark would send the dots and dashes to the Rochester operator who translated via
open telphone to Wigg. (time: :43)

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Discussing the responsibilities of baseball's first base coach, with Rochester Red Wings coach DAVE CASH
and Scranton- Wilkes Barre coach BILL ROBINSON. (4:03 time, airdate: May 1998)

New baseballs must have the gloss removed before they're ready- and safe- for play.
And for six decades a special- and mysterious mud has done the job... with JAMES BINTLIFF,
MARK BRUMBAUGH, ROBERT NAVIAS and MATT CARNES. (3:21 time, airdate: August 2003)

A trip of twenty years smooching surprised sports players during their games leads to Rochester and Red Wing Stadium.
Her 60-23-39 measurements get the attention of everyone but her antics don't always amuse law enforcement.
(time: 4:19, airdate: September 1990)

Rochester's ROBERT TURNER recalls his two summers spent as a bat boy for the New York Black Yankees-
who called Red Wing Stadium their home in the 1940s. It was an experience that impacted his growing up
in Rochester and his view of the world as an African American. (5:54 time, April 1995)

Remembering the 1929 Red Wing Stadium opener with fans GEORGE CHRISTOFF and MIKE ROMAN.
(3:57 time, airdate: April 1996)

In 1946, Robinson spent his only season in the International League which included visits to Rochester. In May of
that year, he made his debut at Red Wing Stadium ...with RED BARBER, JAY STALKER, DOROTHY FOX,
GEORGE BEAHON, SPIDER JORGENSEN and JACKIE ROBINSON. (time: 6:34 airdate: August 1991)

As the wrecking ball falls, sadness and memories of the Norton Street ball yard... with FANS, DAN MASON,
BERNIE LIBERATORE,GENE BUONOMO and JOE STROCKO. (4:03 time, airdate: January 1998)

THE SQUEEZE Celebrating the birth of baseball's squeeze play, attributed to a college team almost
a hundred years ago (it was successful). It's still used decades later, though sometimes reluctantly
...with JOE ALTOBELLI, BOB MISCIK, MARK PARENT, and STEVE LUEBER. (4:11 time, airdate: June 1993)