in most cases, tag outs have been deleted from the audio
last updated JUNE 2016

You'll, of course, excuse the obvious typos within the text segments

Court Reporter    Singing Telegrams    Chimney Sweep    Hat Maker    Casino Dealers
The Bartender    Chaplaincy    Property Clerk    Private Investigator 
Patent Attorney    Neon Tubers    Maid Service    The Peace Corps    
The Driving Instructor    The Puppeteer    Canine Waste Removal    Daredevils    
The Tailor   The Shoe Shiner   Cremation  The Singing Barmaid    
Injury Attorneys    The Barber    The Drill Instructor    Ostrich Farming    
The Truant Officer    The Brewmaster    Public Relations    The Pawn Broker    
The Medical Examiner    The Secret Service    Plastic Surgery     Modeling 
Boudoir Photography    Voice Overs    The Magician    The Horse Doctor   Tommy Makem    
Orchestra Conductors    The Blacksmith    Pest Extermination    Disney Animator
Nursing    Clock Repair    Most Toughest Job    The Librarian    The Farrier 
Civil War Chaplain     Police Women    Photograph Conservators    Tooling & Machining 
The Beekeeper    The Bellhop    Chainsaw Sculptor    The Nanny    The Masseuse
Nature Painter    Volunteer Ambulance     The Medicine Man    An Actor's Life For Me
The Locksmith   Metal Detecting   The Knife Sharpener   The Gentleman's Club          

Campaign Collectibles    The Sleigh    China Restoration    Beanie Babies Bust? 
Cigar Smokers    UFO Club    Alcoholics Anonymous    Pigeon Racing 
Mothers of Twins Club    Debtors Anonymous    Marbles    Debate Club
Square Dancing    Doll Collecting    Coin Collecting    Inventor's Club   
Civil Air Patrol    The Rose    Barn Preservation    Model A Restoration 
Elvis Memorabilia    Mothers Against Drunk Driving    Vegetarianism    Stamps    
Boy Scouting    Girl Scouting    Flint Napping    Telephone Pioneers 
Scuba Diving    Intervol     

Robert Frost    The Library    Custer Correspondence    Hemingway Travels 
Black Poetry Writers    Banned Books    WP Kinsella    

Spamfest    Volkswagon Convention    Weird Hats    National Kazoo Day 
Bazooka Bubble Gum    Hubcaps    Most Embarrassing Moments    Mannequins  
Crackerjacks    Cooking Disasters     Offensive Driving    Hottest Chicken Wings    
Monkey Grinders   Love Stinks    Holiday Parking    Clean Off Your Desk Day    Dishonor List    
Exotic Food    Common Cold Cures    National Pig Day    Paranormal Claims Disputes
The Privy    National Goof Off Day    Pillsbury Kids Bakeoff    
Great Pumpkins   World's Worst Guitar Player   French's Mustard

Infant Laboratory    Taxidermy Museum    Underground Homes    The Shofar
The Stars    Resilient Children    Reptile Man    Hawk Migration    The Weather 
Wills    Native American Drum    Missing Children    The Cool Chemist  
Fire Prevention    Letter Carrier Dog Bites    Reading Early    The Tuba   
Fiddler's Fair    Counterfeit Money    Bike Safety    Fear 
The Banjo    Broadcast Indecency    Motorcycles    Mosquitoes    Immigration 
The Pow Wow    Music in the Schools    Mushrooms    Stolen Art    Matzah  
Deodorizers    Hurricanes    Braille   Poet Laureate   The Penny Whistle
Learning to Dance   Border Collies   

Star of Wonder    Safe St.Patrick's Day Celebrating    Confederate Heroes Day
Late Xmas Shopping    Thanksgiving Day Facts    Valentine's Day Caring 
Valentine's Day Shopping     Playing Santa Clause    St.Patty's Day Store 
The Fruitcake    I'll Be Homeless For Christmas    Scrooge

Mercury    I Love Downtown Day    The White Hot Dog    City Liability Claims 
Recycling    Chef of the Year    The Liberty Pole    Blanche Stuart Scott 
Sewers    Rochester By Bike    Rochester's Rats    Rochester Traffic    WSAY 
Cemetery Vandalism    Rochester Day in Florida    Bus Lost & Found    Xerography 
George Selden   Susan B Anthony   What's In the River?   Labor Ready
College Text Books    The Mud House   Cooperating with Santa    The Carousel

The Medicine Show    Freedom of the Press    Trains History    Custer's Last Stand
Wild West Guns    Rochester at Gettysburg    Pearl Harbor    The Alamo 
1991 Ice Storm    The Telephone    Bataan Death March    History Quotations 
The Titanic    The Trilobite    WWII Pilot    Slave Narratives
Women's Christian Temperance Union    Television History Museum    Pirates
The Duel    Antietam   Civil War Reinacting

The Pacemaker    Aids Testing    Surgical Sealants    Cystic Fibrosis
Colon-Rectal Surgery    Headaches    Hearing Loss    Eggs    Herbs    Sleep 
Sleepwalkers    Anesthetic    Skin Cancer    The Sneeze    Hay Fever    The Liver
Birthing Center    Cavities    Organ Donation    Back Pain    
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis    Heart Transplant    Birthing Center    Prostheses
Ergonomics    Human Parts Bank    Holiday Depression    Condom Sense
Food Inspection    Reflexology    Fingernail Care    Hair Replacement
Baby Upbringing    America's Health    Cooley's Anemia    Quitting Smoking
Sledding Safely   Blood Transfusion    In Vitro Fertilization    Spit  

That's Life
Dating Service    Tattoos    Walnut Hill Farm Driving Competition    Diamonds 
Rollercoasters    The County Fair    Cider Mill    Canadian Beer Strength 
Pledge of Allegiance Collection    Metaphysical Expo    Ultralight Aircraft 
Library Security    Fear of the Dentist    Used Auto Parts    Babysitting 
Puppy Love Hotel    Chemical Lawn Care    Popcorn    Gem Appraisal    Reflexology
Lake Ontario Shipwrecks    Dream Analysis    Motorcycle Exhibit    
Make Believe Marketing    Dead Mail    The Amish    BBC English Guide  
Brick Oven Bread    National Nude Weekend    Riding the Bus   The Ouija Board
Archeology    The Carpenter Ant    Love Letters    Scotch Whisky    Stolen Art
Les Ballet De Trocodaro De Monte Carlo    Shoplifting    Soap Box Derby    Fans
The Rockwell Museum    Coyotes    Miranda Rights    First Radio Patent
Rattlesnake Pete's    International Drum Month    Firefighter Safety 
Beginning Ballet   Pet Overpopulation    Independent Movie Making    Hitch Hiking           
Women's Philharmonic    Chess Computer    Newspaper Presses    Ham Radio    
Emergency Room    The Mandala    Confession    Otters    The Solar Homes  
The Bagpipes    Space Station    The Body Piercing    The Burning Spring
Sailing Around the World    The House Call    Winemaking    Cards From Beyond    
The Genesee Valley Greenway    Cycling 200 MPH    Sun Tanners 

Lynette Woodard    Kathy Whitworth    Earl Anthony    John Hart    George Foreman
Specs Toporcer   Don Baylor    Jim Boeheim    Tom Landry    Walter Ray Williams    Jim Kaat
Frank Robinson    Bill Shoemaker    Roger Kahn    Johnny Petraglia    Jackie Robinson
Billie Jean King    Ed Kranepool    Seve Ballasteros    Jack Nicklaus    Boog Powell
Arnie Risen   Raymond Floyd    Jim Kelly    Clint Galbraith    Millie Ignizio    Mike Sigel 
Morganna    Curly Neal    Whitey Ford    Don Cherry    Al Arbour   Earl Weaver
Willie Mosconi    Harry Walker    Joe Frazier    Catfish Hunter    Buck O'Neill 
Guy Lafleur    John Campbell    Irving Crane    Carmen Basilio    Casey Martin
Jay Stalker   Marv Levy   Jo Jo White    Domonique Moceanu    Arnold Palmer    Cal Ripken Jr.   
Nancy Lopez    Bowie Kuhn   Emile Francis   Norm Frank       Bob Gibson    
Karrie Webb    Marshall Hollman   Ernie Harwell   John Feinstein    Dan Boone 
Tommy Lasorda    Stan Musial    Brock Yates    Ron Shelton   Stan Jonathan   
Michelle Wie    Annika Sorenstam 1  2  3   Norm Frank-843                

Baseball    Basketball    Football   Hockey    Skiing    Curling    Softball
Bowling    Harness Racing    Thoroughbred Racing    Golf    Orienteering    Soccer
Indoor Soccer    Indoor Football    Beanbag    Fishing    Rope Skipping    Fencing
Ultimate    Billiards    Car Racing    Running    Snow Boarding    Darts    Tennis
Special Olympics   Skeet Shooting    Beep Baseball    Table Tennis    Badminton    Duck Calling
Deer Hunting    Turkey Hunting    Bobsledding    Wheelchair Road Racing   Fox Hunting 
World of Outlaws    Women's Baseball    Women's Hockey    Indoor Lacrosse
Arm Wrestling    Body Building    Rowing    Tornado    Equestrian    Karate     
Logging    Deaf Basketball    Ice Fishing     Miniature Golf   Cheerleading   
Horseshoe Pitching 

Steroids    Sports Medicine    Cheating Pitchers    NFL Players Strike
Battercize US/Russia Photo Exhibit    The Caddy    Golf Course Superintendent
Snagging Salmon     The Jockey    Bowling Fitness    Slow Bowlers    Zippy Chippy     
The Maddencruiser Driver    Amateur Umpire    Goon Hockey     Football Helmet Safety
Baseball Groundskeeper    Comiskey Park Closes    Bowling Lane Oil    Zippy Chippy2    
American Hockey Players    Tennis Elbow    Canadien's Mystique    Red Sox Rooters 
Olympic Funding    Baseball Card Collector    Minor League Baseball Marketing
Basketball's Free Throw    Penalty Box Attendant    Pro Football Conditioning    
Golf Club Repair    Bass Fishing    Buffalo Bills No Huddle   Hockey Fight Films
Stadium Photographs    Sports Officiating    Fish Stories    Golfer Superstitions
Silver Stadium Demolished   Pro Hockey Fitness    Monday Night Football    Opening Day Baseball
Super Bowl Advertising    The Squeeze Play    Skiing Fashion    LPGA Marketing
Black Baseball History    Hunter Safety    Baseball Gloves    Hockey Scout    
Title Nine    Big Game Hunting    Animal Rights    Fishing Psychology    
Hockey Psychologist    Judge Landis    Skiing ACL Injury    Understanding Football
Why Men Watch Football    Flynn the Horse   Golf Greens Care    Ryder Cup Chalets 
Negro Leagues Bat Boy    Oak Hill's No.13    Understanding Baseball
Stadium Organist    Boston Marathon    MacArthur Stadium   Frank Odoi 
Olympic's Athletic Trainer    Race Car Pits    Hockey Goaltending Coach
Football Fanatics    The Mission Bouts    Hockey Hall of Fame    Worm Picker
The Pitching Coach    NFL Nutrition    Block That Punt    Hockey Skate Sharpening
First Base Coach    Baseball Signals    Sports Auction House    The Fishing Lure
Bowling Balls    Oak Hill Oaks    Magic Baseball Mud    LPGA on Ebay    
Golf Etiquette    Harry Heitmann    Basketball Centennial   
NHL Scoring Down    Frontier Field Construction    Bowling 300 

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