Bob Matthews wrote a sports column for Rochester newspapers
the Times-Union and Democrat and Chronicle from 1977 into 
April 2012. And from the early 1980s onward he would occasionally print 
some notes or stats I would send his way- usually regarding the Rochester 
Zeniths.. and later the Rochester RazorSharks. I saved a handful of the 
clippings when I would get a plug...

...and here's a couple links to some larger pieces that ran...

Regarding research I did on Babe Ruth's visits to Rochester as a member 
of Baltimore and Providence of the International League, back in 1914

Regarding a hex I, unsuccessfully, put on a basketball team that was trying  
to break the Rochester Zeniths record for most consecutive home victories, Feb 1991

PS A newspaper in Oklahoma also picked up the "hex" story

PPS: Click here for more on the hex/ result, from an Albany perspective

Zeniths Hex: The Albany Gazette, February 21, 1991